Whether you are an instructor or someone training to learn first-aid in San Mateo, you can benefit from participating in a social networking group.  A group page on a site like Facebook allows instructors as well as past and current students to share relevant information and to communicate about topics associated with first-aid.  The truth is first-aid is an incredibly dynamic topic that affects everyone from families in the neighborhood to our colleagues at work in San Mateo.  You might be a new parent learning how to administer first-aid to a child.  On the other hand, you might be a board member charged with approving your company’s blood borne pathogen policy.  Having a group dedicated to first aid issues can be a great resource for first-aid classes near San Mateo.

Social Networking for First Aid Instructors
If you teach first-aid near San Mateo–basic or advanced–you might consider using social networks for reaching out and communicating with your students.  Some instructors use sites like Facebook or Twitter to share news stories associated with first aid.  You can use the networks to promote your blog if you write one on topics related to first aid.  You can also use it to highlight points made in class or to clarify any questions students may have had.  When you approach the social sites as helpful tools, you’ll find they do help.  Post instructional training videos or illustrations that can help your students better understand a technique, for instance.  Encourage your students to engage with topics by asking open-ended questions and promoting discussion.

Social Networking for People Training to Learn First-Aid
When you join a group dedicated to first-aid issues, you tap in to a brand new resource that can enhance your learning and continued interest in first aid.  You can engage with your instructor even after your training session is over to ask questions or share interesting news items you might have found related to the topic of first aid.  By reading the posts sent by others, you stand to learn more than simply being part of a one-time course.  You may find yourself keeping abreast of first aid issues far better than if you did not use social media.

Designing a First Aid Facebook Page
In many ways, Facebook can be used as a kind of ongoing newsletter for topics related to First Aid.  Information about new OSHA standards could be posted there.  Local news stories involving first aid could be posted weekly.  Links to helpful websites and blogs could also be shared.  Helpful reminders about checking batteries for fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors could also be posted.  All in all, social media for first aid issues can be incredibly helpful for current and past students–even members of the community who care about first aid issues.  If you happen to be an instructor, consider going online and inviting your past and present students to follow you.  You’ll see that the interaction is important for a continuing dialog about first aid.

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